Weekly Reiki Healing Circle - Tai Chi Acupuncture and Wellness Center

Class Description

Pauline Mulligan Ando
Pauline Mulligan Ando
Class name
Weekly Reiki Healing Circle
Pauline Mulligan Ando
Class starting
11/22/17 (Wed)
Class schedule
Wed 7:45 pm - 8:45 pm (60 min)
Drop in Rate

Circles are places of deep healing and self discovery. In this class you will find a safe environment of support. Reiki Circles can allow us to join our energies with people in the room, across the country and even the world. Collective consciousness is powerful, and when multiple people direct their energies toward one focus or goal, the results can be astounding.

The Reiki circle breaks down boundaries in a safe, compassionate manner and allows individuals to help each other. Participants will have an immediate experience of stress reduction and relaxation.

No experience is necessary. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat and water bottle if possible.