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I started seeing Kuan Chung Chen in March for sciatica and at the time I could barely sit in the car without pain. I can now sit in the car almost pain free! I had never had acupuncture and am now receiving regular treatments. I love that Kuan is so patient and understanding, I feel like I can share all levels of stress with him so he can target the appropriate trigger points during my session. The facility is extremely nice, the treatment rooms are lovely, setting up appointments is very easy and love the text and e-mail reminders. I highly recommend Tai Chi in North Reading, 5 star wellness center!

Kathy C Wilmington      2017-08-07

I thoroughly enjoy the Tai chi classes here in North Reading. Kuan Chen's classes are designed to energize you physically while focussing on inner calmness. His patient and friendly manner of instruction allows you to work at your own pace while challenging you to push your endurance at the same time. He presents Tai Chi as a valid approach to total wellbeing and inner peace. Tai Chi, unlike many work out programs, focusses on the whole person and can produce benefits for people at any age.

Fred U. Wilmington, MA      2017-05-05

I took up Tai Chi as a way to get myself to relax and forget the stresses of my job, as well as improve my health and balance. I found Kuan to very informative, helpful, and most of all patient! Tai Chi isn't as easy as it looks, and I struggled with some of the forms, but thankfully Kuan, was patient enough to keep going over things until I had it! I absolutely would recommend Tai Chi Acupuncture & Wellness Center to anyone!

Kevin W. North Reading, MA      2017-04-24

Eugenia did acupuncture for me and seemed very interested and cared about the reasons I was seeking acupuncture. She offered suggestions on how to help decrease stress and anxiety and it was a very relaxing enjoying experience - I will definitely be going again and seeing Eugenia!

Katie J. Lexington, MA      2017-04-14

To start off the space is peaceful and beautiful. I started coming to Kuan for acupuncture for stress, upper back pain and hip pain from many years of dance. With anxiety towards the thought of "using needles," kuan calmed me and I couldn't be more thankful. What an amazing experience. I have gained movement back and in turn my life back. I have recommended many family and friends here. Even my daughter who has been experiencing stress/anxiety related to sleep has been coming for acupressure!! She started sleeping through the night again! Tai chi is such a wonderful gem! You will not be disappointed

Kristen Graham North Reading      2017-04-04

Hi had my first accupunture experience at Tau Chi Accupunture & Wellness and was am so completely satisfied. I am having my next appointment tomorrow. I look forward to continuing accupunture at Tau Chi. This establishment is exactly what I was looking for. Welcoming, knowledgeable staff, Clean, comfortable environment. Would recommend for anyone looking for a genuinely knowledgeable Accupunturist!

Diane F. Tewksbury, MA      2017-03-21

Wonderful facility. The class offerings are varied and one is just as good as the next. Amazing teachers. Very talented. Each and everyone. I am very happy to have this gem of a place on the North Shore.

J M. North Reading      2017-03-20

I recommend this business for Acupuncture, Tai Chi lessons and Yoga.

I have had number of Acupuncture sessions with Master Kuan Chung Chen and he has successfully addressed a number of physical ailments such as arthritic knee pain and other painful problems.

In addition. both my wife and I have enrolled in the Tai Chi classes and are very enthusiastic about our experience.

Master Kuan is very knowledgeable about the practice of Tai chi and a devoted teacher.

Peter S. Lynnfield, MA      2017-03-15

My Son has been working with Kuan since December for stress/anxiety. Kuan is wonderful to work with and cares very much about his clients. My son really looks forward to seeing kuan and says that he feels so clear after his visits. Acupuncture is an excellent alternative to medication and is definitely helping. Kuan taught him where the pressure points are and what to do should he begin to feel anxious any time. The Facility itself is clean and welcoming and his staff is great. I would highly recommend Tai Chi Acupuncture and Wellness Center

Laurel A. Winchester, MA      2017-03-10

Thrilled to have discovered this place. The yoga classes are fantastic with options for everyone. Their introductory package got me hooked and now their monthly membership package has made this place like a second home. Skilled instructors combined with yogic philosophy make the classes challenging and restorative.

I met with Cathy for individual work and am so grateful for her wide knowledge and holistic approach. She also ran a women's weekend retreat of yoga and meditation in NH recently, and it was relaxing, organized, beneficial, communal, and lots of fun!

Acupuncture treatments with Kuan continue to be extremely helpful for me for both physical and mental health. Like all the practitioners at the center, Kuan is very gifted and attentive to the needs of his clients.

The reiki circles with Diana are so peaceful and relaxing. I look forward to going each week. She is a special healer who is open and welcoming to all participants.

The center is such a gift to the town of North Reading. They have a variety of workshops offered on a regular basis and other classes that I have not taken yet. The environment is friendly and welcoming and the spaces are always clean and look brand new. So happy to take advantage of everything this center and the practitioners have to offer!

Pauline M. North Reading, MA      2017-03-02