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Sometimes things in life happen for a reason whether by chance or by fate. Currently, I’ve been stressed out and dealing with a sport injury, Tennis Elbow. So I was searching for ways to heal naturally and find a massage therapist close to me when I came across Tai Chi and Wellness Ctr. There was a Groupon for a 90min acupuncture session. Being Asian-American and believing in a homeopathic remedy, I bought the Groupon after reading about the clinic and the physicians. When I met with Dr. Chen I was very impressed with his calm mannerism, demeanor, and attn to details when I spoke of my concerns. It was amazing to me that he knew I was anemic just from asking me to stick out my tongue. We discussed my injury and why I was stressed out and set a plan for my treatment. Since our initial meeting, I have changed my diet for medical reasons and my elbow/joints are feels great after the treatment. I’m fortunate my insurance company covers wellness but it was more economical to purchase the packages the clinic offered. I’ve had only 2 sessions and look forward to more sessions with Dr. Chen. Aside from my interaction with Dr. Chen, his staff is pleasant, kind, and patient. I like how I get notices via email and txt of my appt. I like how the clinic has soft music and the aroma is clean with the essential oils. I’ve also just enrolled in the trial Tai Chi class. Hopefully, this practice will be as welcoming and successful as their yoga classes.

Belle Le Saugus MA      2017-10-27

I came to this Center with severe bronchitis for the 3rd time this year. Kuan Chung Chen began treating me for this condition and to build my immune system. I was not new to acupuncture but was thrilled to find this gem in North Reading. Everyone here is friendly and welcoming. After a few short weeks, I now feel wonderful and healthy. I love this peaceful place. They offer several types of yoga and Tai Chi. I have been sampling the yoga classes. They are all wonderful with knowledgeable, patient teachers.

I would highly recommend this Center for your physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

Dianne H. North Reading, MA      2017-10-24

This was my first time at Tai Chi and I'm definitely coming back! Brand new beautiful offices in the Medford Armory. Very serene and professional. My appointment was for acupuncture with Kuan Chen. He was very knowledgeable, reassuring, and skilled. Im optimistic he can help with some issues that Western Medicine isn't really helping with.

E K. Waltham, MA      2017-10-19

I have been getting acupuncture here for a few weeks now. Everyone in the office is so nice and helpful. I feel like they always go above and beyond my expectations. The acupuncture has really helped my back pain.

Katie L. Medford MA      2017-10-08

I have been going to Tai Chi Acupuncture & Wellness Center in North Reading for two years now and absolutely love it. Everyone there has such a calming, positive attitude, and the acupuncture treatments from Kuan have helped alleviate headaches and stress for me. I look forward to every visit and leave feeling relaxed. I highly recommend it there to anyone interested!

Amanda L. Newburyport, MA      2017-10-06

Being fairly new to acupuncture I had no idea how powerfully healing it could be.

The skilled care I've received from Kuan Chen over the past several months has exceeded my expectations and given me a great sense of well being and hope.

After many years of chronic illness there's "light at the end of the tunnel", despite being handed a poor prognosis by many doctors. After each treatment I feel a bit stronger and more functional.

I'm so glad to have found this wonderful acupuncturist and the lovely, restful environment of his clinic. These treatments have made a world of difference for me.

Caty B. Chelmsford, MA      2017-09-07

I was so happy to find this healing oasis in the city. I have had acupuncture in the past, but never have I encountered such caring and talented clinicians as I have here - AND they accept my insurance! I'm surprised there aren't more reviews for here...maybe because we (the patients) are trying to keep this gem all to ourselves, hehe :) The atmosphere immediately makes you feel more peaceful when you walk in. They have lots of late afternoon and evening appointments available in Medford which I appreciate! Rather than sitting in traffic on my way home from Boston, I just stop in and have acupuncture followed by a relaxing acupressure treatment. I can not recommend this place enough, they have been pivotal in helping me heal!

Kaimara E. Stoneham MA      2017-09-06

I have been seeing Dr Kuan Chung Chen For Acupuncture treatments to relieve stiffness in my neck. I have had 3 treatments and the stiffness is gone. It was relieved after the first treatment and now I have full movement of my neck once again after my last treatment. I will be returning for treatments for Digestion and the immune system. Dr Chen is very professional and kind.

Ann M DeLuca Malden,Ma       2017-09-05

I have been seeing Kuan for acupuncture treatments for my back for the past two months. I was really nervous at first to try acupuncture, but it has been one of the best things for my overall health, and I am so happy I found this place. Kuan really listens to your concerns and explains in great detail what your treatment will look like, which immediately made me feel comfortable. The sessions are relaxing and you sense relief almost immediately. I have struggled with back pain for many years as a teacher who is on my feet all day and this has been great. I feel much more centered and focused at work and I will be coming here for years to come. Overall, my health has improved, my back pain has lessened, I feel less anxious, and my blood pressure has even returned to normal without medication. Thank you Kuan!

Lisa L. Wakefield, MA      2017-09-01

I have practiced and studied Tai Chi for over 20 years, and Kuan Chen is one of the best Tai Chi Masters from whom I have had the privilege to learn. He is a true Master, as well as being patient and fun. The classes are inspiring and joyful.

Ellen P Marblehead MA      2017-08-24