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Very nice place the staff are incredible, helpful and very knowledgeable. So happy that I found this place. After one visit we Eugenia Lai i feel so much better. I would higly recommend this place to anyone.

Pedro Rosario Haverhill      2018-10-18

The place was clean and people were very polite and attentive. I had a wonderful experience.

Susan G North Reading      2018-10-12

This was my first acupuncture session and I found it to be absolutely amazing! They explained the procedure very well and provided in-depth guidance to all my questions and concerns. I also felt much less pain after my session and I’m now looking forward to my next session!

Patrice D Jamaica Plain      2018-10-06

I liked the experience. I intended to go to get help with my sinus issues but actually had a problem with my shoulders and across my back pain that went down my arm. So he worked on that. It did not take the pain away but during treatment I was very relaxed. I will be going back next week for another treatment.

Lynne Wise North Reading      2018-10-05

I bought a massage GC for my hubby for a 1 hr massage. There is no masseuse at the N..reading office on w/e so he had to go to their other location. He said it was in a beautiful building, the employee was knowledgeable and did an excellent job! He loved it and said he would go again .

Jackie L. Medford      2018-09-24

If you want an invigorating massage, Kassie is amazing! She really does an awesome job! Christina also is a wonderful therapist as well.

Ned M North Reading      2018-09-16

Excellent!! I am so glad I was referred to have acupuncture and massage at this Wellness Center. Michelle, my acupuncture doctor, made every visit a joy. I came out of there relaxed, in less pain, and happy for the day. All the staff at the wellness center are delightful and make you feel liked you are part of their family. I would highly recommend this center if you are looking for relief from any physical or mental issues. I can't be more pleased with my results. I also plan to start using their yoga center. Very experienced practitioners.

Debbie C. San Francisco, CA      2018-08-24

Impressed by how nice the staff is, the decoration and place vibe and of course the provider that I rudely forgot the name(Dr Chen, maybe is his name?). Best Groupon investment ever!

Monika W Brockton      2018-08-22

My daughter had a few acupuncture treatments for anxiety and found it very helpful. I have been trying the different yoga classes and love it! The studio is very nice and all of f the instructors are excellent, with their own way of teaching. I'd say you're bound to find a yoga class you like!

Erin B North Reading      2018-08-20

Very attentive; pay attention to your needs and what you would like for them to work on. Such a pleasant experience definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for the first time or for a new place. Very nice and clean, I already scheduled future appointments with how pleased I was. Thank you

johanna o. North Reading      2018-07-20