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My daughter had a few acupuncture treatments for anxiety and found it very helpful. I have been trying the different yoga classes and love it! The studio is very nice and all of f the instructors are excellent, with their own way of teaching. I'd say you're bound to find a yoga class you like!

Erin B. Medford MA      2017-08-23

Amazing, relaxing. After months of PT not working for my back I gave acupuncture a try and after 3 years of pain and discomfort, I walked out of there in no pain and no discomfort feeling like my old self again

Andrea S. North Andover, MA      2017-08-20

I go to Tai chi for yoga and acupuncture and cant say enough great things about it. The environment is always friendly and welcoming and I feel the stress of my day melts away every time I come in. I look forward to going to the new office in Medford to continue my treatments with Kuan, he is amazing!

Jenna H. Wilmington, MA      2017-08-18

Tai Chi Acupuncture & Wellness Center truly is as good as it gets! From the moment you step into the center, you experience the calming and healing presence. I first went for my extreme tightness with pain in my back - my alignment was off, and I felt very uncomfortable. I was tempted to see a chiropractor, but decided to try acupuncture instead. In one session, Kuan’s treatment relieved the stress held in my body and my back felt completely relaxed. My alignment returned to its normal state. The release of tension was amazing! I've never felt more relaxed. Not only is Kuan naturally gifted in healing, he is knowledgeable in his fields, which cover more than acupuncture alone. Later, Kuan was also able to successfully treat the sciatica which had been bothering me for years, and he also made fast progress in treating some of my other chronic conditions. While being highly effective, he is also a kind and gentle person who is devoted to helping others, and I recommend him to anyone seeking to resolve health issues and feel much better!

David H. Newton      2017-08-15

I visit the location in North Reading weekly, and it is such a beautiful and peaceful center. There is no better place to de-stress and relieve pain. Kuan is able to get rid of my muscle pain and headaches! I have many friends and family who live and work near the new Medford location, and I am so excited that they will now be able to experience Kuan's amazing acupuncture skills so close to them!

Jessica K. North Reading, MA      2017-08-14

I went for my regularly scheduled acupuncture session Kuan Chen today. Not only is he an extraordinary acupuncturist (Migraine free for almost a month!) but he's also a Tai Chi Master in North Reading, MA. He just told me that Tai Chi Acupuncture & Wellness Center is expanding their business to a second location in Medford. This location is closer to where i work!!! Lunch time Acupuncture! Sign me up!

Wishing you lots of success Kuan!

C. L. North Reading, MA      2017-08-09

I started seeing Kuan Chung Chen in March for sciatica and at the time I could barely sit in the car without pain. I can now sit in the car almost pain free! I had never had acupuncture and am now receiving regular treatments. I love that Kuan is so patient and understanding, I feel like I can share all levels of stress with him so he can target the appropriate trigger points during my session. The facility is extremely nice, the treatment rooms are lovely, setting up appointments is very easy and love the text and e-mail reminders. I highly recommend Tai Chi in North Reading, 5 star wellness center!

Kathy C Wilmington      2017-08-07

I thoroughly enjoy the Tai chi classes here in North Reading. Kuan Chen's classes are designed to energize you physically while focussing on inner calmness. His patient and friendly manner of instruction allows you to work at your own pace while challenging you to push your endurance at the same time. He presents Tai Chi as a valid approach to total wellbeing and inner peace. Tai Chi, unlike many work out programs, focusses on the whole person and can produce benefits for people at any age.

Fred U. Wilmington, MA      2017-05-05

I took up Tai Chi as a way to get myself to relax and forget the stresses of my job, as well as improve my health and balance. I found Kuan to very informative, helpful, and most of all patient! Tai Chi isn't as easy as it looks, and I struggled with some of the forms, but thankfully Kuan, was patient enough to keep going over things until I had it! I absolutely would recommend Tai Chi Acupuncture & Wellness Center to anyone!

Kevin W. North Reading, MA      2017-04-24

Eugenia did acupuncture for me and seemed very interested and cared about the reasons I was seeking acupuncture. She offered suggestions on how to help decrease stress and anxiety and it was a very relaxing enjoying experience - I will definitely be going again and seeing Eugenia!

Katie J. Lexington, MA      2017-04-14