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Had an amazing massage, got the hot stone from Adrienne and she was outstanding. I was nervous at first because I've never had a massage, but she was calming and super relaxing and talked me through everything. Would highly recommend and would go back!

Nikki Z.      2016-01-14

Absolutely the real deal. Kuan is amazing. The whole experience is very Zen. Massage therapists are also fantastic!

Marcy C.      2016-01-14

Amazing results from my acupuncture. After a week of crippling pain with ineffective pain meds, I tried acupuncture. Less than 24 hours later, I am nearly pain-free. I actually slept last night. Thank you Dr. Chen!

Joseph F.      2016-01-14

I purchased a groupon for a massage otherwise I'd never known this place existed. I've had my fair share of massages and many have been not so impressive. However, Anibeliz is not that kind of masseuse. She was nothing short of amazing. Honestly, I've been fantasizing about winning the lottery so I can start my day off with a hand and foot massage. I can't wait to get back!

Jennifer B. Wilmington, MA      2015-12-17

I credit Dr. Chen 100% with restoring my quality of life; I came to him in July with a number of problems including L4/L5 arthritis, sciatica, bursitis, chronic back/hip/leg and abdominal pain, and sudden onset high blood pressure as well as a condition known as Pelvic Congestion Syndrome which is accompanied by all sorts of other annoying issues such as severe abdominal swelling, vertigo...and the list goes on. Dr. Chen was and continues to be highly attentive to my ever-evolving symptoms; within a few treatment sessions I had amazing relief from pain I had been living with for years. With continued treatment I've gone from barely being able to walk to being nearly pain-free, and my blood pressure has returned to normal range. Dr. Chen is truly a gifted healer....and a blessing to me.

Debi Morelli      2015-10-02

In the winter of 2015, I began looking into acupuncture to help relieve a sudden onset of anxiety and panic attacks. I was experiencing severe nausea that affected my appetite, chest heaviness, and heart palpitations. Kuan's calm and peaceful demeanor made me feel safe to express what I was experiencing. He was understanding and easy to talk to. I felt relief from my symptoms after the first visit, and each visit thereafter. I was treated by Kuan regularly for about six months, and I now feel like my old self. My anxiety level and panic attacks have been greatly decreased and continue to dissipate. I have been free from both for at least three months. I would recommend Kuan to anyone who is looking for a skilled, thoughtful, and caring acupuncturist.

Heidi Bisso      2015-09-12

It was almost the New Year and my husband and I were discussing adding something new to our schedule for 2015. We spoke of some possibilities such as yoga, a dance class or possibly Tai Chi. We looked on line and found theTai Chi Acupuncture & Wellness Center in North Reading. There were many very good reviews about this place so we called and made and appointment to speak with Kuan, the instructor of the Tai Chi class. Once we arrived at the office/studio we knew we were on to something. You immediately feel relaxed with the clean comfortable space with the soft relaxing music and aromas. We had a brief meeting with Kuan and we decided to sign up for his free introductory class. After the first session of Tai Chi we were hooked. The class has taught us some skills in relaxation, movement of energy, balance due to root training and 13 moves of the Tai Chi Form. We feel privileged to be able to take this class with such a talented and authentic instructor. We are both very excited to sign up for the next class and learn more about this ancient skill.

Marie D.      2015-08-27

Best treatment and if you have tried all other avenues, cortisone shots, physical therapy and surgery and none of this has worked, you should have see Kuan before. I have been in pain for 30 years and in only 4 visits I feel so much better. Do not even have to take Advil.

Carol Varonakis      2015-08-27

So glad I found this gem! Right when you walk into this place you just feel a sense of calm.I got a groupon for 2 classes. I tried the Yoga and Meditation. I had done hot yoga (bikram) years ago somewhere else and it was on carpet and smelled. Tai Chi's floor was brand new and state of the art. It was super comfy, fresh air, and no smell! The instructors are so nice- I was hesitant about the meditation class, but I felt so amazing after I'll be making time for this every week! My physical therapist had also recommended I try acupuncture for an injury I've had longer than 6 months as well as my anxiety. I was nervous to get needles stuck in me, but I was walked through every step and he made me feel so comfortable. I have to admit I was a little skeptical but I've really felt better since going! They always have great deals going as well as all kinds of specials and all the staff here is amazing. Highly recommend!

Jessikah Kritter      2015-08-25

I have been going to Tai Chi Acupuncture and Wellness Center for about six weeks. Every time I leave there I feel better than I did when I left the last time .....I came to get help with insomnia,depression,weight loss and arthritis..... I've been taking medicine prescribed by highly acclaimed doctors for years and have come to the conclusion they were toxic ,never feeling any better. They start off with medication for depression which makes you gain weight then you get depressed ,from that then you can't sleep because your so depressed about gaining weight ,then your body aches because you've gained weight and you can't get out of your own way .Its a vicious cycle that wears on you then your beside yourself literally ! You go back to the doctor they listen to you then give you more medicine .......Then I decided to take myself off all the meds and do acupuncture ,just have to say this is the best thing I have ever done for myself.I'm not depressed.

any more I'm sleeping well, losing weight and my arthritis has improved significantly. I have one person to thank for that and its Kuan Chen . This is one incredible young man who really can heal you .He has made my life so much better ,my overall health has improved . I will continue treatments with him ,Can't say enough good things about him and his center ,just amazed and delighted to know him He is terrific!!!! Thank you Kuan.:-)

Lola r.

Lola, R.      2015-07-22