Heart Fire Sound Healing

Friday, 4/20 @ 7:00 PM, Tai Chi Acupuncture & Wellness Center, 7 Bow St., North Reading

Instructor:Brian Russo

Time:7:00 PM - 8:15 PM

Dates:Friday, April 20th @ 7:00 PM

How is your energy right now? Surrounded by stress, negativity or complaining? Now it's time to fully embrace your power and fan the flames of your Heart Fire as you say YES to life and sparking that brighter future in the here and now!

Join world-renowned sound healers Brian and Caileigh as they interweave song, chimes, harmonic tones and the magic of the crystal singing bowls in a sound healing for the new year!

The sound healing begins by guiding you through incredible breathwork and visualization before letting you go to float in the sacred sound current. If you've ever wanted to get in touch with your "I AM presence" - that deepest and highest aspect of your essence -then this is the healing for you. Simply by lying down and surrendering to the sound, you see and feel how the deep inward journey of your heart is right here with you and more luminously brilliant than you could have ever imagined!

After the healing, we'll be sharing personal techniques to make your heart feel lighter and do readings with a variety of angel and tarot cards to help draw the images to you that clarify your life's vision. You'll get to hear the sound of yourself and get heard through sharing at the end if you so choose :)

What is the Heart Fire?

It's been half a year since tribal elders gathered across the world to "Ignite the One Heart Fire" with the San people of the Kalahari. According to the Mayan calendar we have entered the "Age of the HEART" and are beginning the NINTH WAVE of evolution that is pulling all humanity to live in full Universal maturity on the highest level of consciousness. The fire has been ignited and now it's time to fan the flames!

When we share deep healing together by integrating our emotions and knowing what it is to be home in our being, we raise the vibration for the collective. We send out that vibe and show the collective one what is possible! Together we can shine as one in this journey of the Great Heart ♥

Friday, April 20th, 7pm-8:15pm

Tai Chi Acupuncture & Wellness Center - North Reading​

7 Bow St, Suite 1. North Reading, MA

Cost: $35

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