FREE Intro to "Circle Qi" QiGong

Friday, 1/4 @ 10:45 AM, Tai Chi Acupuncture and Wellness Center, 7 Bow St, North Reading

Instructor:Angela Sokolova

Time:10:45 am - 12:15 pm (90 min)

Dates:Friday, January 4th

January 4th, 2019. at 10:45am (90mins)

90 mins INTRO class: warm-up, a few QiGong movements with proper breathing, short meditation, self-massage and relaxation.

"Circle Qi" QiGong form, graceful and gentle, calms down the mind and relaxes the body with circular continuous movements.

Helps to release tension, suppressed emotions, and returns your breath to its natural harmonious pace.

The routine is designed to open the circulation in your chest, detoxify kidneys, liver and digestive tract, and uplift your energy level.

It also strengthens your lower body, improves its flexibility, especially in hip joints and knees, and helps to develop a stronger core.

As the result of practicing this form, you will get mental alertness and emotional balance which would benefit your life in all its aspects.

The effect of the whole form is powerful.

What to bring: Please wear comfortable clothes, and bring your yoga mat and a water bottle.

Warning: If you have any recent injuries or surgeries, or painful chronic illness, it is always recommended to ask your physician before starting any exercises, or contact a QiGong instructor for a consultation.